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What’s Next in a New Body of Work

March 4, 2017 0

lighting torch tiny

I have been contemplating what’s next since my They Remain project concluded. Literally thinking outside on this one so some of the sculpture will be coated to prevent rust in outside conditions. This led me to thinking about masks so….

Over a year ago I built abstract masks and installed them on my property. I documented each one as to what finish, coloring and all that was used for the construction. I’m interested in what happens to the steel depending on the elements I use in the work. Just letting it rust isn’t my thing.

The mask idea has been milling about in my mind for awhile and a few weeks ago I decided to push this idea to the point of 100 pieces or so. The thought process goes something like this (from an art class I took eons ago)– the first 25 will resemble something I’ve done – the second 25 things I have seen – the third 25 things I have already thought about and the last 25 will be new ideas. This actually was originaly said about making 100 sketches of a subject (nothing todo with masks). Since I don’t sketch my ideas, but work them out in the artwork itself I have been thinking how I could do this exercise with something I want to investigate.

Cutting steel with oxcy torch

This is a 33″ x 48″ piece of 14 gauge steel. The size is for two reasons—it’s the largest  that fits in my metal hut to keep red hot steel in an area on  my concrete and because and larger and it is too heavy to boost up to my table.

Finished cutting steel

The remains of the steel piece.

Steel clean and ready for next step.


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