Freehand cutting shapes with torch.

Over a year ago I built abstract masks and installed them on my property. I documented each one as to what finish, coloring and all that was used for the construction. I'm interested in what happens to the steel depending on the elements I use in the work. Just letting it rust isn't my thing.

Starting a new sculpture today- 16 gauge steel—free cutting the form with my cutting torch. @kathyannewhite @kathyanneart

My work is inspired by the shapes, haunting skeletons and forest architecture left from fires and harsh weather conditions in woodlands.  The burnt and damaged forests give way to life that manifests all stages of development—slowly replenishing the the surroundings.

Abstract Steel Sculpture- KathyAnne White-They Remain Series

Emerging from oxyacetylene cut pieces the sculpture is approximately 32" in height x 22" width x 27" length. Next is adding surface texture, patina, digital transfers and other elements to finish the construction. Finished piece should be posted by the end of this week.

Granite Mountain wilderness trail. Great way to start a new year —hiking in an inspirational spot near my studio.

Hiking Granite Mountain Wilderness area -great place to plan projects hike and draw.


Form of my new sculpture —stands about 25" tall. It's ready for the next step of adding elements of wire, digital and other surface enhancements for completion.

First clean up after welding the main form.

Abstract Steel Sculpture- KathyAnne White-They Remain Series

Rod for this piece was a found object of rods from a metal mattress. Pieces of 14 gauge steel have 16 gauge wires an elements added.