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October 21, 2015 0

steel sculpture-digital image transfer-KathyAnne White

Openings was named after I noticed that you could only see one part of the sculpture from an opening in a side. After creating the overall base of the structure the surface texture is the next focus. While I was playing with things that may work the lower gauge wire was a nice contrast against the steel. Soft to rigid-fragile to strong—the elements seem so different, but I loved the way they looked. The other materials followed from the single crochet chain elements.

24″ high x 25″ length x 18″ wide

Materials- 16 gauge steel, various wire, bicycle chain pieces, beads, digital image transfer, digital prints on beverage cans and copper, digital image transfer, copper washers.

Steel Sculpture, Digital Image Transfer, KathyAnne White

Openings-KathyAnne White

Detail Sculptural Elements 7-digital image transfers-KathyAnne White

Openings Detail Image

digital image transfer, crochet wire, detail Sculptural Element 7-Openings


abstract steel sculpture, digital image transfer

Openings Detail Image

digital print on beverage cans and copper, steal, bicycle chain pieces


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