Sculptural Elements 2 – Weathered

June 6, 2015 0

Sculptural Elements 2 – Weathered is filled with textural surfaces. The shape is open on all sides with and emphasis on texture and movement. While I explore the multitude of natural structures from the forests certain contours and bodies show up inexplicably as I work. The steel has been rusted in places and some of the wire is distressed—weathered. There are several coatings of clear lacquer to keep the rust and all just where it is. Some other distressing may occur in the future depending on where the sculpture stands.

17 “ height
15” width
12” deep

16 gauge steel, copper, welded, rivots attach some elements, digital prints on beverage cans, beads, assorted metal wire, digital transfers on 20 gauge steel, pickle juice patina, heat patinas.

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