Center of Everthing

March 24, 2016 0

Center of Everything final web1

Center of Everything is from my “They Remain” series in honoring the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

It is constructed from 14 gauge steel. Digital image transfers are mixed on the surface of the steel, heat patinas, rust from a patina and mig drawing complete the textures on the steel surface. Center of Everything was the first piece started for the series, but it started to grow in size until I couldn’t get it through either doors to my studio. It spent time in my shed as I varnished the surface. Rust may grow in places and the sculpture is intended for indoors and not being left out in the environment. Digital prints on beverage cans are cut and strung on silver and brass wire—then crocheted into a configuration that is woven around parts of the sculpture.

steel sculpture, KathyAnne White

Center of Everything Detail

steel sculpture, KathyAnne White

Center of Everything detail

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