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Kathy Anne White
Steel Outdoor Study Continued
March 2, 2016 at 7:41 pm 0
KathyAnne White Sculpture

These abstract masks were installed in the summer of 2015.

In June of 2015 I posted an outdoor installation of abstract steel masks. The purpose of the installation has been to find out just what happens to my sculpture when I use different types of varnish and elements on the steel. The installation went through over six months of being in outside with monsoons, cold in the teens at night and heat in the highs of 95 degrees during the summer. Today I took this picture of what the installation looks like and viewed the various sculpture to see how elements did in the outside for the eight months so far. I still have to compare the varnishes from my original notebook on what was used, but all in all everything seems to be in excellent shape. This may inspire me to do some outdoor sculpture without worrying what it will look like facing the elements every day.

I am including some details of the sculpture and the elements with a few comments.

outdoor steel outdoor installation elements study blog1This 16 gauge steel piece is painted with Rust Oleum Painters Touch 2x's

KathyAnne White Outdoor Sculpture Instalation

Digital prints on beverage cans and printer plates. Cut and strung on wire crochet.

This details show digital prints on beverage cans and other metals. The cans have been varnished with MSA Varnish from Golden. They are in great shape after being outdoors.

KathyAnne White detail from sculpture installation

Detail from abstract mask installation. digital prints on metals patina finishes.

This mask has digital prints on both beverage cans and copper along with assorted wires, heat patina and guilders paste.

kathyanne white steel sculpture installation

Copper pieces are riveted to the 16 gauge steel mask.

The copper on the mask has some surface pitting and some other marks from the weather. The coating is Rust Oleum's Matte Clear Enamel.

kathyanne white abstract steel mask installation

Detail from outdoor installation. Digital prints on metal and digital image transfer on steel.

 This piece is in really great shape in it's environment. Of course my notes don't have what I used on the final top coat.

kathyanne white outdoor abstract mask installation

Abstract Mask with heat patinas on surface.some digital elements and wires.

This mask has a final coat of Rust Oleum lacquer. That coat lasts really well in the outdoors.