• What’s Next in a New Body of Work

    I have been contemplating what’s next since my They Remain project concluded. Literally thinking outside on this one so some of the sculpture will be coated to prevent rust in outside conditions. This led me to thinking about masks so…. Over a year ago I built abstract masks and installed them on my property. I documented each one […]
  • They Remain- Sculpture Series

    The art for They Remain  is inspired by the shapes, haunting skeletons and forest architecture left from fires and harsh weather conditions in woodlands. Forests make something out of what’s left—ruined and ravaged. The burnt and damaged forests give way to life that manifests all stages of development—slowly replenishing the the surroundings. Forest environs shed themselves with the seasons passing on […]
    Abstract Steel Sculpture- KathyAnne White-They Remain Series
  • Sculpture in Process

    The last few days I’ve been working on the fifth piece in my “They Remain” Series a body of work honoring the Granite Mountain Hotshots (read my first post describing the series here) Emerging from oxyacetylene cut pieces the sculpture is approximately 32″ in height x 22″ width x 27″ length. Next is adding surface […]
    Steel Sculpture Oxyacetylene Cut Pieces
  • Steel Outdoor Study Continued

    In June of 2015 I posted an outdoor installation of abstract steel masks. The purpose of the installation has been to find out just what happens to my sculpture when I use different types of varnish and elements on the steel. The installation went through over six months of being in outside with monsoons, cold […]
    KathyAnne White Sculpture
  • It’s about the Making

    I am in love with the process of creating art. My media is metal—mostly steel at this point and I cut, form and weld each piece. Once the base steel or metal is together I continue adding 3D elements along with surface textures to enhance the metal. The most important part of my entire process […]
  • “They Remain” New Body of Work in Starting Stages

    I am working on a new body of work “They Remain”.  This series embodies twenty steel based sculptures in honor of the Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshots—“an elite crew of U.S. wildfire firefighters based in Prescott, Arizona”. On June 30, 2013—19 of 20 members of the Hotshots group lost their lives in the Yarnell Hill Fire—Yarnell, Arizona. This […]
  • Trees for Patterns

    Last week I attended the the 25th International Sculpture Conference: New Frontiers in Sculpture in Phoenix. Lots of visual and informational inspiration. Near the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art I photographed this tree with the most amazing bark. Turning the bark into patterns I will use it on some of my sculptures to texture parts of […]
  • Enliven Your Art Surfaces with Digital Image Transfers

    For years I have been teaching artists to digitally print on alternative surfaces. My exploration of these surfaces led me to printing on just about any substrate that would fit through my Epson art printers. Digital Printing is possible on all sorts of fabrics, papers, metals, recycled surfaces, beverage cans, synthetics, hand made amate paper […]
  • Digital Image Transfers on Sculpture

    These first two details are from a sculpture in process—Sculptural Elements 8-Openings. The front of the surface has a transfer that is in pieces and accents with Gilders Paste. Most of the transfers I use on my artwork are altered further on the surface of the work.
    steel sculpture, kathyanne white
  • Openings in Process

      Base of Openings is finished, the coloring is created with a combination of Gilders Paste, Natural Patina, Scratching, Digital Image Transfers rubbed in and colored. The surfaces has a coating of spray lacquer and the cure time is seven to ten days so I am letting is sit a couple more days. Some of the […]
    Steel Sculpture KathyAnne White
  • In the Works – Openings

    This is the beginning of a new sculpture. The pieces are 16 gauge steel, cut with my cutting torch. Next the forming, bending and molding them into a configuration to weld together.  Openings will unfold as the work is heated and welded one step at a time. All the pieces may not end in the […]
  • Currently Working on a Small Aluminum Sculpture

    This sculpture in progress is 16 gauge aluminum. The pieces have been randomly cut with my oxy acetylene cutting torch which created some amazing rough raw edges. The edges are sharp in places and needed to be bent over. I used a wire wheel on my grinder and brushed the entire surface as I bent […]
    Aluminum Sculpture in Process
  • Blending Images with Image Blender

    My studio work involves many processes and the digital part is one of my favorites. Developing my work with digital image transfers has opened so many new what if’s that I can hardly keep up. As each new sculpture is cut, formed, welded, cleaned and ready for the next step my digital process of using digital image […]
  • Steel Outdoor Installation Study Week 5

    For the past five weeks I have been adding what I call my abstract masks near my studio. This project started with me cutting and welding twelve masks to 1/4″ rod to stand outside. The entire project will be finished and installed in the next seven weeks, but the results will be a year from […]
  • New Work in Progress—Breaking Through

      Sculptural Elements 4 is in progress. The piece is finished on one view side, but the others need a bit of work. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to finish this. Once it is finished it I will add it to my Gallery Section with full views and descriptions. — FYI as the […]
    16 gauge steel sculpture with 3D elements