Kathy Anne White

It’s about the Making

February 18, 2016 0

lost in the middle view 3 in process kaw

I am in love with the process of creating art. My media is metal—mostly steel at this point and I cut, form and weld each piece. Once the base steel or metal is together I continue adding 3D elements along with surface textures to enhance the metal.

The most important part of my entire process is being immersed in creating—the actual making of each piece. As the steel sits in my studio—waiting for me to make something of it—a unique journey begins. The metal informs me where it is going and I just make it happen. Even to the part of my heating and bending the metal will sometimes resist the bend I want to make. Then when I try for a different bend even in the same place the steel complies.

There is no drawing to follow—just my instinct—choosing one moment at a time. What lures me is the construction, the thrill of seeing what will happen next and the addition of elements.

This sculpture in process “Lost in the Middle” is part of my new body of work honoring the Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshots (read my post on this here)   Some of the metal pieces were collected on a walk—a burnt out mattress with metal springs and metal rods in a mix of debris. Rust was removed from the rods before bending them and welding metal pieces cut with my oxyacetylene torch. The free flowing sculpture evolved over three days in spurts of activity. The pictures following show the work in progress in a few stages. The last image is where the sculpture is currently. In a few hours it will look different from the other added elements that will be added.

When “Lost in the Middle” is complete it will be posted to my gallery section.

lost in the middle in progress view 2_3966 kaw 2lost in the middle in progress_3968 3kaw


lost in the middle in process detail