• Trees


    Not sure when I became so enamored with trees—could have been when I used to sit under our enormous branched crab apple tree with my Grandpa at an early age. I watched him eat crab apples even though at that time people didn’t eat them. The branches of that tree—for little me—was way larger than life. Or maybe it was later when after moving to Sedona in the 80’s. I fell in love with the spirit of the surrounding trees and the stark forms left that twist turn and stretch from rocks. They were ancient, formidable and expressive as their forms stayed with the landscape long after they were no longer alive.

    So a few weeks ago I spent some time in Jerome and climbed stairs that I hadn’t climbed in awhile. When I reached the next level there was an amazing tree I was seeing for the first time. It looked like it could reside in a mystical forest, a fairy tree with a story to tell.  Textures, colors, leaves winding around, bark that was well worn it was a feast for the eyes and it is a great place to sit, spin a story and draw.

    Trees in all shapes, sizes and forms are inspirational to my work.




    From the images captured my next step is to draw the images using Illustrator and turn them into vector images. From there the images will be printed on transfer film and added to some of my steel sculpture. The image directly above is traced in illustrator to change the image for print.


    This vector image will be printed 24″ wide on inkAID’s transfer film and then pieces will be cut and adheres to add texture to my sculpture.

  • Love the Moment….

    Love the Moment quote

    LOve the moment quote corita kentLove the moment and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.  Corita Kent

  • Horsetooth Falls Area, Fort Collins, Colorado

    Horsetooth Falls area
    Horsetooth Falls area

    Hiking near Horsetooth Falls

    Horsetooth Falls hike

    Tree in Horsetooth Falls area in Colorado

    inspiration Horsetooth falls hike

    Old fence with unique characteristics

    Hiking and gathering images of my surroundings is what I love to do for inspiration. There is so much material in my stash of photographs. Many of them I use to create digital files to use in transfers for my sculpture.

  • Happy New Year

     Happy New Year


    As I was writing this my husband was watching a show on the most dramatic moments in 2015. They were all horrible and one disaster after another-yikes!

    So here’s the thing-with all the zillions of moments in 2015—why focus on those?  Why look back on what you didn’t like—or have—or accomplish—or worse what was really horrible?

    Instead what about looking forward to what you want and find the good stuff?

    What is the best that could happen?

    There are no ordinary moments. Life and years are created one moment at a time. Create your moments with focus.

    This week I played with my thesaurus looking for words that spoke to thoughts I have about my art and creating. Some of them appear in the image above.

  • Fall Leaves in Yosemite

    Nothing like Yosemite in the fall for inspiration.
#yosemite_national_park @kathyanneart
    Nothing like Yosemite in the fall for inspiration. #yosemite_national_park @kathyanneart

    Nothing like Yosemite in the fall for inspiration.
    #yosemite_national_park @kathyanneart

  • Do What You Like

    imagine pieces04This is your life do what you like and do it often!

  • Jasper Johns on the Creative Process

    It’s simple: you take something and do something to it and then do something else to it. Keep doing this and pretty soon you’ve got something.
  • Letting Go!

    You can only do this if you decide that you are brand new in every moment. You can only experience something you have never experienced before if you are willing to let go of that which you have been and all of the ways you have defined yourself…..