Digital Image Transfers on Sculpture
Kathy Anne White

Digital Image Transfers on Sculpture

October 9, 2015 0

These first two details are from a sculpture in process—Sculptural Elements 8-Openings. The front of the surface has a transfer that is in pieces and accents with Gilders Paste. Most of the transfers I use on my artwork are altered further on the surface of the work. Over these sides of the sculpture is wire and other elements for texture. SE7 detail progress_web1372 SE7 in progress digital web_1374

These next three pieces are the digital transfers that have been applied to Sculptural Elements 8-Distressed. As I work on a sculpture the sides are finished first so they can be coated with a spray to protect the surface. When the surfaces are dry then I start to work on the three dimensional elements that finish the composition.

The transfers have been distressed with scratching and other techniques to give them a weathered look.

SE8 finishes front opening

SE8 20 gauge_web1392 SE8 digitals in process web

On the Edge 2 below is also in the works and has all the digital transfers and the protective sprays finished. Now I will be using wire and other attachments to finish the second piece in this series.

on the edge 2 detail in process web_1378 on the edge 2 detail_1376