Currently Working on a Small Aluminum Sculpture
Kathy Anne White

Currently Working on a Small Aluminum Sculpture

July 27, 2015 0

This sculpture in progress is 16 gauge aluminum. The pieces have been randomly cut with my oxy acetylene cutting torch which created some amazing rough raw edges. The edges are sharp in places and needed to be bent over. I used a wire wheel on my grinder and brushed the entire surface as I bent the edges toward the center.

The joins will all be with rivets. Added elements will be constructed from copper, digital image transfers, wire crochet and whatever else is created before this is finished.

This will be small since it has to fit into an 8″ x 8″ x 8″ box for the International Sculpture Center Conference Member show in November 2015.
1 aluminum cut torch web

Sides riveted
3 aluminum riveted —with copper wire web_1084

After riveting these sides together—16 gauge copper wire is laced loosely through the opening.  The digital transfer on the left has been lightly smeared when still wet, it will  be lightly sanded and faded in places before I use a spray over it for protection.5 aluminumm digital one web_1087

These watch parts are crocheted with silver wire. 4 crochet watch parts web_1088The watch parts will be wired to the front of this side with silver wire that will wrap around the digital transfer on the opposite side.
aluminum rivots web