What’s Next in a New Body of Work
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lighting torch tiny

I have been contemplating what's next since my They Remain project concluded. Literally thinking outside on this one so some of the sculpture will be coated to prevent rust in outside conditions. This led me to thinking about masks so....

Over a year ago I built abstract masks and installed them on my property. I documented each one as to what finish, coloring and all that was used for the construction. I'm interested in what happens to the steel depending on the elements I use in the work. Just letting it rust isn't my thing.

The mask idea has been milling about in my mind for awhile and a few weeks ago I decided to push this idea to the point of 100 pieces or so. The thought process goes something like this (from an art class I took eons ago)- the first 25 will resemble something I've done - the second 25 things I have seen - the third 25 things I have already thought about and the last 25 will be new ideas. This actually was originaly said about making 100 sketches of a subject (nothing todo with masks). Since I don't sketch my ideas, but work them out in the artwork itself I have been thinking how I could do this exercise with something I want to investigate.

Cutting steel with oxcy torch

This is a 33" x 48" piece of 14 gauge steel. The size is for two reasons—it's the largest  that fits in my metal hut to keep red hot steel in an area on  my concrete and because and larger and it is too heavy to boost up to my table.

Finished cutting steel

The remains of the steel piece.

Steel clean and ready for next step.

Kathy Anne White, Studio
They Remain- Sculpture Series
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The art for They Remain  is inspired by the shapes, haunting skeletons and forest architecture left from fires and harsh weather conditions in woodlands. Forests make something out of what’s left—ruined and ravaged. The burnt and damaged forests give way to life that manifests all stages of development—slowly replenishing the the surroundings. Forest environs shed themselves with the seasons passing on and falling back into the land—creating seeds of life—life and hope. Since the beginning of the 2016 my studio has been filled with all stages putting together this body of work. Twenty steel based sculptures in honor of the Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshots—“an elite crew of U.S. wildfire firefighters based in Prescott, Arizona”. On June 30, 2013—19 of 20 members of the Hotshots group lost their lives in the Yarnell Hill Fire—Yarnell, Arizona. This was just after the hotshots had assisted in containing the Doce Fire in the Granite Mountain Wilderness Area. Each artwork presented here is listed in my Gallery section with several views. The men of the Granite Mountain Hotshots were involved again and again to save forests and their surroundings from destruction. They served and protected many in their short time on earth (their average age was 27). When the work from my “They Remain” series is completed and available—a percentage of sales will be donated to Eric Marsh Foundation for Wildland Firefighters  dedicated to assist families of the wildland firefighters killed in the line of duty. My art for this series honors the fallen 19 and the sole survivor.
Abstract Steel Sculpture- KathyAnne White-They Remain Series

Center of Everything from "They Remain" series

33” height x 36“ length x 36” width

14 gauge steel. Digital image transfers are mixed on the surface of the steel, heat patinas, rust from a patina and mig drawing complete the textures on the steel surface plus crochet wire, digital image transfers, digital prints on beverage cans

Steel Sculpture view 2 of 3

When You Grow Up View 2

34” height x 25” length x 16” width

 Materials: digital image transfers, Gilders paste, assorted wire, beads, bicycle chain pieces, digital image printed on metal mesh, copper, wire crochet, assorted gage wires.

Abstract Steel Sculpture- KathyAnne White-They Remain Series

Lost in the Middle

32" height x 35" width x 37" length

Materials:14 gauge steel, heat patinas, digital image transfers,wire crochet, hardware cloth, assorted wire, digital prints on copper and aluminum, beads.

 Abstract Steel Sculpture- KathyAnne White-They Remain Series

Up You Go-They Remain Series

33" height x 25" length x 23" width

Materials: heat and pickle juice patinas,digital prints on metal mesh, beverage cans and brass, assorted gauge wires, beads, digital image transfers

Abstract Steel Sculpture- KathyAnne White-They Remain Series

Embraced by the Light view 4

32" height x 27" length x 23" width

Materials:14 and 15 gauge steel, heat patinas, pickle juice stain, assorted gauge and color wire, bicycle chain parts, copper, digital image transfers, digital prints on beverage cans, copper mesh.

Abstract Steel Sculpture- KathyAnne White-They Remain Series

Sprouting Out

22" height x 36" length x 24" width

Materials: 14 gauge steel, heated, formed, mig welded, assorted gauge wire, Gilders Paste, digital print on metal mesh, digital image transfers, bicycle chain

14 gauge steel sculpture with 3D elements, KathyAnne White

Small but Mighty view 1

16" height x 27" length x 20" width

Materials- Assorted gauge and color wire, digital print on metal mesh-paper and tyvek, pennies, bottle caps, beads, gilders paste

Abstract Steel Sculpture- KathyAnne White-They Remain Series

Banded Together- 20 circles intertwined representing the 20 courageous men of the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

36" height x 48" length x 31" width

Materials:14 gauge steel, assorted gauge wire, beverage can pop tops, bottle caps, rivets, bicycle chain parts

14 gauge steel sculpture with 3D elements

Leaves Float view 1

28" height x 31" length x 21" width

Materials: 14 gauge steel, assorted wire, digital prints on folded copper.

Steel Sculpture with 3D Elements

Standing Strong Front view

28" height x 29" length x 22" width

Materials: 14 gauge steel, pickle juice patina, digital prints on beverage cans, assorted wire and beads, crochet newspaper.

Steel Sculpture with eD elements

All Wrapped Up full view

19” height x 33” length x 25” width

Materials: 14 gauge steel, assorted wire and bead.

14 gauge steel sculpture with 3D elements

Entangled view 2

27” height x 37” length x 23” width

Materials: 14 gauge steel, digital prints on metal cut and strung on wire for crochet.

There are seven more pieces to be added to this series. As I finish work they will be added to this page and to the Gallery section of the site.

14 gauge steel sculpture with 3D elements

Taking Form View 1

Taking Form

23 length x 27 width x 28 height

Materials: beads assorted wire, digital image transfers, torched copper, digital prints on paper

Sculpted from 14 gauge steel I cut, shape and weld for the configuration that flows from the steel.....

14 gauge steel sculpture with 3D elements

On my Way View 1

On my Way

26" height x 32" wide x 22" deep

Materials: Assorted gauge wire, coppe, 14 gauge steel, paper clips, guilders paste, digital print on aluminum,

14 gauge steel sculpture

Anchoring In

Anchoring In

26” height x 26” length x 17” wide

Materials: 14 gauge steel, assorted gauge wire, wire crochet, assorted beads, springs, digital print on brass, digital print on melted tyvec, guilders paste.

14 gauge steel sculpture

Emerging View 1


30” height x 29” length x 22” wide

Materials: Digital prints on beverage cans and metal mesh, assorted gauge wire, digital image transfers, crochet wire.

14 gauge steel sculpture

Resilient View 1


30" height x 22" length x 18" width

Materials: 14 gauge steel, digital prints on metal mesh and copper, digital image transfer, bicycle chain pieces, assorted gauge wire, beads

14 gauge sculpture with 3D elements


Regenerating 18

22” height x 30” length x 22” width

Materials: 14 gauge steel, digital image transfers, beads, assorted gauge wires, copper.

14 gauge steel sculpture with 3D elements

Rebounding 19 22" height x 33" length x 25" width

Materials: 14 gauge steel, copper, assorted gauge wire, digital prints on aluminum, tyvek, metal mesh and beverage can pieces, digital image transfer on burlap.

14 gauge steel sculpture with 3D elements

Snapping Back 20 34" height x 32" length x 23" wide Materials: 14 gauge steel, copper, assorted beads, assorted gauge wire, digital prints on aluminum

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Jerome Arizona Fire Station Window

Sculpture in Process
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Steel Sculpture Oxyacetylene Cut Pieces

Seeing the Light first stage of making

Steel Sculpture Oxyacetylene Cut Pieces - clamped for welding

Seeing the Light first stages of making

Steel Sculpture base form

Seeing the Light - view two of finished form

Steel Sculpture base form

Seeing the Light - view one of finished form

The last few days I've been working on the fifth piece in my "They Remain" Series a body of work honoring the Granite Mountain Hotshots (read my first post describing the series here)

Emerging from oxyacetylene cut pieces the sculpture is approximately 32" in height x 22" width x 27" length. Next is adding surface texture, patina, digital transfers and other elements to finish the construction. Finished piece should be posted by the end of this week.

Steel Outdoor Study Continued
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KathyAnne White Sculpture

These abstract masks were installed in the summer of 2015.

In June of 2015 I posted an outdoor installation of abstract steel masks. The purpose of the installation has been to find out just what happens to my sculpture when I use different types of varnish and elements on the steel. The installation went through over six months of being in outside with monsoons, cold in the teens at night and heat in the highs of 95 degrees during the summer. Today I took this picture of what the installation looks like and viewed the various sculpture to see how elements did in the outside for the eight months so far. I still have to compare the varnishes from my original notebook on what was used, but all in all everything seems to be in excellent shape. This may inspire me to do some outdoor sculpture without worrying what it will look like facing the elements every day.

I am including some details of the sculpture and the elements with a few comments.

outdoor steel outdoor installation elements study blog1This 16 gauge steel piece is painted with Rust Oleum Painters Touch 2x's

KathyAnne White Outdoor Sculpture Instalation

Digital prints on beverage cans and printer plates. Cut and strung on wire crochet.

This details show digital prints on beverage cans and other metals. The cans have been varnished with MSA Varnish from Golden. They are in great shape after being outdoors.

KathyAnne White detail from sculpture installation

Detail from abstract mask installation. digital prints on metals patina finishes.

This mask has digital prints on both beverage cans and copper along with assorted wires, heat patina and guilders paste.

kathyanne white steel sculpture installation

Copper pieces are riveted to the 16 gauge steel mask.

The copper on the mask has some surface pitting and some other marks from the weather. The coating is Rust Oleum's Matte Clear Enamel.

kathyanne white abstract steel mask installation

Detail from outdoor installation. Digital prints on metal and digital image transfer on steel.

 This piece is in really great shape in it's environment. Of course my notes don't have what I used on the final top coat.

kathyanne white outdoor abstract mask installation

Abstract Mask with heat patinas on surface.some digital elements and wires.

This mask has a final coat of Rust Oleum lacquer. That coat lasts really well in the outdoors.

Kathy Anne White, Studio
It’s about the Making
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lost in the middle view 3 in process kaw I am in love with the process of creating art. My media is metal—mostly steel at this point and I cut, form and weld each piece. Once the base steel or metal is together I continue adding 3D elements along with surface textures to enhance the metal. The most important part of my entire process is being immersed in creating—the actual making of each piece. As the steel sits in my studio—waiting for me to make something of it—a unique journey begins. The metal informs me where it is going and I just make it happen. Even to the part of my heating and bending the metal will sometimes resist the bend I want to make. Then when I try for a different bend even in the same place the steel complies. There is no drawing to follow—just my instinct—choosing one moment at a time. What lures me is the construction, the thrill of seeing what will happen next and the addition of elements. This sculpture in process "Lost in the Middle" is part of my new body of work honoring the Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshots (read my post on this here)   Some of the metal pieces were collected on a walk—a burnt out mattress with metal springs and metal rods in a mix of debris. Rust was removed from the rods before bending them and welding metal pieces cut with my oxyacetylene torch. The free flowing sculpture evolved over three days in spurts of activity. The pictures following show the work in progress in a few stages. The last image is where the sculpture is currently. In a few hours it will look different from the other added elements that will be added. When "Lost in the Middle" is complete it will be posted to my gallery section. lost in the middle in progress view 2_3966 kaw 2lost in the middle in progress_3968 3kaw   lost in the middle in process detail