Blending Images with Image Blender
Kathy Anne White

Blending Images with Image Blender

July 9, 2015 0

My studio work involves many processes and the digital part is one of my favorites. Developing my work with digital image transfers has opened so many new what if’s that I can hardly keep up. As each new sculpture is cut, formed, welded, cleaned and ready for the next step my digital process of using digital image transfers plays a substantial part in altering my surfaces. Much of my current images shot on my iPhone have been blended on my device before taking them further into my digital process. Blending images allows me to bring out textures, shapes and form from various photos. The nice thing about using my phone is that it is always with me when something asks to be photographed and there are plenty of apps that do a nice job of manipulating the original image. Image Blender is one of my go to apps to play with.

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Blend Images on your iPhone, iPad or iPod with Image Blender

This app is available for other devices that are not Apple- look for the app for your device.


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